A judge has blocked Kanye West from appearing on the ballot in Arizona after a legal challenge from a voter in the state.

Lawyers for Rasean Clayton claimed including musician Mr West on the ballot would confuse voters, as he is registered as a Republican.

Mr West’s lawyers said this was irrelevant as he is registered as a Republican voter in the state of Wyoming – whereas for the Arizona ballot he put himself down as an independent candidate for “BDY” or “Birthday Party.

Judge Scott McCoy said the voter who challenged Mr West’s bid to run for election in Arizona “established that the relative hardships favour him”.

It is unclear if Mr West plans to challenge the ruling in Arizona, a key state where polls show mainstream candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden have similar levels of support.

It came a day after Mr West breezed past the threshold of 39,000 nominations required to appear on the ballot in Arizona, coming up with nearly 58,000 signatures.

He has already qualified to appear on the ballot for the November 3 vote in ten out of 50 states, including Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, Tennessee and Utah.

But this is still too few to get the minimum 270 electoral votes a candidate needs to win the presidency.

Mr West has not qualified in Ohio, Montana, West Virginia, Wisconsin and some other states – although he has lodged legal challenges against some of those rulings.

Evening Standard