Oh, Father You Hide Your Wounds
You sleep with your heart burdened
Yet, you wake so early to catch a bus
You are bruised with inner wounds
So your heart cries without tears in your eyes

You take all blames for your wife to smile
Your children to laugh and your family to feed
Yours is a heavy laden, yet you radiate love
With you, our mirrors shine
Without you, a home is still

We sing no praises of you despite your greater responsibility
You are unnoticed because you are not always around in the day
You are the unsung hero because you are always on the move, struggling to win bread
You grow shapeless while shaping your children’s lives
You are our heroes of today

Daddy, where are your wounds?
Why are you hiding it?
Where have you hurt?
Why are you keeping quiet?

Today, we celebrate every father, the unsung hero of every home
We seek healing to his hidden wounds as we wish
All responsible fathers, happy Father’s Day.