Former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has tested positive for coronavirus while in prison.

According to Evening Standard, Michael Powers, president of the New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association has reported that the convicted sex offender is now in isolation.

On his exploits in the film industry, Weinstein was behind films including Shakespeare in Love and Pulp Fiction. Weinstein is being held at Wende Correctional Facility, near Buffalo in upstate New York.

On the measures taken so far to stop the spread, Mr Powers also disclosed that, several members of staff had been quarantined at the prison over the Covid-19 spread.

On why he is in prison, Weinstein, 68, was sentenced on March 11 to 23 years in prison. He was found guilty of committing a first-degree criminal sexual act against production assistant Miriam Haley in 2006 and of the third-degree rape of an aspiring actress in 2013.

He was also acquitted by New York jurors of the most serious charges, of predatory sexual assault, which could have attracted longer jail term.

So  far, his lawyers have vowed to appeal against his convictions.