Renowned super model, Kate Moss who turns 46 years today, is celebrating her birthday in a grand style.

The beautiful looking model has undeniably attracted all the glamour and fame in the world of beauty to herself because she is outstanding at what she knows how to do.

According to Evening Standard, it has been recorded in history  that, she is undeniably one of the most photographed women on the planet, at the moment.

Going memory lane, Kate rose to fame at the tender age of 14 after being discovered at JFK airport. Due to her dynamic nature, Kate grew to supermodel status in the ’90s, working for brands such as Calvin Klein, Versace and Saint Laurent.

Reminiscing one of her dynamic nature, Kate quite practised at dressing herself, and has mastered the art of a pro at campaigns and catwalks.

Talking about her achievements in the area of making appearances at Gala events, Kate has simply shown she is in a class of her own over the years, not leaving behind the glitz and glamour around her outfits at such moments.