Renowned US rapper Ludacris has been granted Gabonese citizenship.

After the rapper became a citizen of Gabon, his fans have reacted: some expressed an act of envy, while some have not been able to accept the new development.

Ludacris who is married to a Gabonese woman expressed his excitement and his comments on Instagram.

According to a fan, one major reason for this act by Ludacris,  was as a result of  the death of Iran’s top military commander, stressing that there’s a lot of speculation on Twitter about what might happen next.

Ludacris shared some comments on Instagram. It read: “Starting My New Year off with Dual Citizenship! AFRICA IM OFFICIAL!! Momma & Kids Too. The Best Gift of the Decade”:

Apart from Ludacris, British film star Idris Elba was also granted Sierra Leone citizenship on his first ever visit to the country.

Elba was born in London to a father who grew up in Sierra Leone and a Ghanaian mother.