Renowned Nigerian Actor, Yul Edochie said the Nollywood, actresses engage in sex in order to get better roles.

Edochie;s claim was revealed, in reaction to the viral ‘sex for grade story’ by the BBC, which exposed some lecturers in Nigeria and Ghana.

Edochie speaking further stated that as ‘sex for grade’ occur in higher institution, there are ‘sex for roles’ in Nollywood, sex for promotion in offices, among others.

In his words he wrote on his Twitter handle that, sex for grades which has been tagged to be within the confines of the academic industry, can be likened to other industries, attaching their slogans to each of them.

On his Twitter handle, he tweeted,

“No be only #sexforgrades ‘dey oo,’ there’s sex for roles in Nollywood, sex for promotion in offices. ‘E dey everywhere. I hope they’ll all be exposed,”

Source: PM News