It is no more news that popular actress Tonto Dike is a very close friend to renowned cross dresser, Bobrisy.

Their friendship took a different dimension recently as Tonto Dike has decided start playing the role of an advocate for her friend, the cross dresser.

Tonto Dike who has always been known to be the best friend of Bobrisky, displayed the gesture of a true friend by speaking against all the people who have been writing against her best friend.

A very good instance played out when Tonto Dike reacted to the protest organised by some youths against Bobrisky.

In response to all that was said against Bobrisky, Tonto Dike took to her Instagram page on Thursday, September 19, 2019, where she slammed those who went all out to protest against Bobrisky.

In Tonto Dike’s thoughts, she least expected that Bobrisky’s personality should be the the matter of discuss by Nigerians, when there major issues in Nigeria to be dealt with.

In Tonto Dike’s words, she said, “Our country is collapsing by the day, no road, no jobs, no medicals, no education, killings everywhere, poverty, robbery, corruption, I could go on and on. And some youths took out time to stage a paid protest against Bobrisky?? Excuse me??? Talk about misplaced priorities, sigh,”

Tonto Dileh’s latest post is coming less than 24 hours after a protest was held in the country against the cross-dresser saying his behaviour is ungodly.

Source: Pulse