Fast rising social media trend analyst Bosun, has reacted to the issue of xenophobia in South Africa.


The Xenophobia attacks that occurred recently in South Africa, involved non South African nationals, but particularly; Nigerians were the major set of people that made the news.

It can be recalled that the xenophobic attacks in South Africa on forign nationals, especially Nigerans, triggered Nigerians here in the country to react; thereby attacking, vandalising and looting South African businesses in Nigeria.

Bosun, speaking on “Xtra Sauce” said, it is good to be angry, but the dimension in which Nigerians displayed their anger was not the best. He said further that instead, they would have waited for the right decisions to be made, stressing that their attack affected most Nigerians, and their businesses.

As regards the negative effect of the attack on Nigerians, Bosun gave examples that most Nigerians have franchises in the Shoprite that was attacked and looted, and most Nigerians have been employed as staff, in the South African businesses.

Commenting on security and the policemen, Busun stated that the police were not supposed to kill, but they shot someone dead.

Bosun also reiterated tha,t it is not only the South African stores that were attacked, but some Nigerians had their stores looted by fellow Nigerians.

Concerning the root cause of the problem, Bosun said people are travelling outside the shores of Nigeria for greener pastures, because jobs have not been created; stressing that the solution is that the economy should be boosted and managed properly.

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