Overtime, it has been discovered that the power every visual work of art has, is mostly embedded its attractiveness and how fast it can send a message to the mind of the viewer.

Currently, apart from growth in the number of exhibitions which springs up weekly in Nigeria and the world at large, the lucrative aspect is now a point of reference.

To know more about the art world, Silverbird Television Entertainment news platform E-Weekly, recently visited a feminine inclined art exhibition, tagged: ‘’Strength of a Woman’’, where a visual artist shared her knowledge about visual arts and all that the exhibition is all about.

The art expert said that there are still some Nigerians who appreciate art better than some Europeans because they value the place on the works; stressing that, if the value is being weighed, people will be amazed at how much it cost.

During the exhibition, what inspired the works on display was the major point of concern as art experts and enthusiast took some time to express their feelings about the beautiful artistic works on display.

Speaking about female artist, an art enthusiast spoke about the feminine touch in some artistic works which were displayed. He said there are handfuls of female artists who are doing very well emphasizing that a lot of them are not known.

Speaking on one of the reason, the art expert said one of the reason they are not known is because they are not usually bold to face their male counterpart, stressing that the art exhibition, ‘’Strength of a Woman’’ is a platform for them to express themselves.

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