The movie industry in Nigeria is growing very large and its impact is spreading across the length and breadth of different continents.

Apart from the production of good movies, another enterprising aspect of the industry lies in the power it has to churn out themes and topics that will appeal to a large audience.

”Father’s Day”, a day specially set aside to honor fathers, celebrate fatherhood, paternal bond and influence in society,  did not come and vanish into the thin air; rather, it was celebrated with a movie to acknowledge the role of the fathers in the home, community, and society at large.

This year’s Father’s Day was celebrated with the movie titled: ‘’Another Father’s Day’’, and it was premiered at the Silverbird Galleria, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Silverbird Television Entertainment News platform E-Weekly, was able to capture all the interesting and remarkable moments; especially the views from the guests about the movie premiere.

Concerning the theme and content of the movie, one of the guest revealed that the role of the father in the home front is vital, as fathers are not only needed in the office, but at home also.


Most of the guests, shared their views in the same direction as they laid much emphasis on moral values, discipline and the role of fathers that is lacking in the home; as they stressed that, watching the movie will really solve a lot of family issues and teach lessons.

Look below for the video.