Two of Nigeria’s finest singers, Waje Iruobe and Omawumi Megbele spoke on their friendship, careers, and their new love, movie producing recently.

Omawumi said that their families are now involved in their relationship to the point where her husband gets bothered if he doesn’t see her with Waje in two days

Omawumi adds ” There times when everyone is just in their own space, trying to sort out different things, you’d see one person say I have not heard from Omawumi or I have not heard from Waje. My husband will say ‘I have not heard from Waje’ and I’ll say, Waje is busy and he would say ‘It’s been two days now and I have not seen the two of you,’…you know, I think that’s how it is. And anytime we sit down, we can actually start off the conversation with gossip which is refreshment but as time goes on, there are times when we start inspiring, aspiring of things to make the society better, then we will now say father all these things we are saying, we are not moving blindly, we have to move with the auction of the holy spirit, we go come enter prayer,” she added.

Speaking, Waje said “Well, it is because of my loving heart [General laughter] To be honest, Iron sharpeneth Iron, that’s how I see it. Over time and over the years, we’ve come to understand that our friendship for us is not just about us but is also about people that have met us, the industry that we are in the cycle as well. Omawumi is not a woman that I believe is just here to create good music or create content for the fun of it but she is also about impacting people. So we share the same vision, we share the same burdens. Today while we were coming here, we were actually talking about a tragedy that happened somewhere in Lagos and these are the things we feel and these are the things that connect us together in a way. We are family oriented. We have families that we are very passionate about…the girl is alright. We’ve gone past being friends, people describe us as friends, we get but we’ve gone past being friends, we have become family…

Waje says their relationship has gotten to the point where both families have become involved


Omawumi and Waje recently co-produced their first movie together ‘She Is’