Renowned Nigerian Presenter and Actor Uti Nwachukwu said, apart from having passion for what one loves doing, one has to also make good money.


Speaking to ‘Entertainment Gist’ Correspondent, Uti also said one has to be paid very well for what he loves doing, saying that if the money is not there passion is not enough.

On script writing, he revealed that there  are great script writers in Nigeria, emphasizing that a good script attracts him to a movie.

Concerning the kind of movies Nigerians like, the presenter said that, Nigerians do not like comedy with depth but slap-sticks and what they can laugh over.

Uti also shared to the public the kind of woman he wants to have as a wife, stressing that his kind of woman has to be beautiful, have humour, be ready be lively, be spiritual but not religious because he possess those qualities.

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