Learning and acquiring inspiration is the thrust of foremost business show, ‘Binging With Game Changers’

Speaking on  foremost entertainment news platform, ‘Entertainment Gist’ at the premier of the show season 2 in Lagos, Sheyi Banigbe who hosted the show said shared her view on what the show is all about.

According to her, ‘Binging With Game Changers’ is a Business and Career Inspirational Talk Show that seeks to inspire every Nigerian to be the best in whatever space they find themselves.

On the reason she thinks people should bring out their best in any space, she revealed that people that are succeeding in Nigeria do not have two heads.

Sharing her idea on the reason some programme are not aired after being aired for some time, Seyi said, funding is a major reason, stressing that when one funds a programme, such person will also be expecting funding or sponsorship from other sources.

Another guest revealed that apart from lack of finance, lack of resources can be another limiting factor, stressing that people need to be encouraged when they have ideas.

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