Iconic designer Karl Lagerfield is ready to make Choupette his cat, the richest cat in the world, as she could be set to inherit his entire £150 million fortune after his death.

The creative director for Chanel and Fendi aged 85, died in a hospital in Paris on Tuesday morning.

Chanel described him as “an extraordinary creative individual” and paid tribute to him.

The CEO of CHANEL, Alain Wertheimer said: “Today, not only have I lost a friend, but we have all lost an extraordinarily creative mind to whom I gave carte blanche in the early 1980s to reinvent the brand.”

While the whole fashion world mourned about the loss of great talent, it wasn’t long before attention drawn to Lagerfeld’s cat – Choupette, who has already made a name on Instagram.

The white-coated Balmain cat, who has nearly 195,000 followers on Instagram, has its own staff, including three maids.

On Choupette’s Twitter, she said: “I am Choupette Lagerfeld and I am Daddy Karl Lagerfeld’s spoiled pussy whose maids pamper her every need.”

During the 2013 Fashion week, Lagerfeld even told CNN that he would marry his cat if it were legal.

“There is no marriage, yet, for human beings and animals… I never thought that I would in love like this with a cat,” he said.

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