Another Nigerian Ibra Ake is up for a Grammy award this weekend .

The 2019 Grammy Awards ceremony is only a few days away, and while we’re all rooting for Seun Kuti to bring home one, there’s another Nigerian on the nomination list who’s got a fair chance.

His name is Ibra Ake, a writer, photographer and creative director (as his Twitter bio describes him), who worked on Childish Gambino‘s iconic video for “This is America” nominated in the Best Music Video category.

Ake, speaking to Okay Africa in 2018, discussed his Nigerian upbringing and how it’s helped his artistry.

Every time I’m looking for a picture of Nigeria in the 70s, I’m never like, ‘let me check National Geographic.’ I’m always like, ‘What pictures did my parents take?’ It’s always true to their eye and what is important to them, which is definitely a different value, but I think there’s something very authentic about that.

Ake also writes on the show “Atlanta,” and has had his work featured on Vogue, CNN, MTV, Out Magazine. Here’s hoping he wins the Grammy.