Kanye West says Ariana Grande should not use the feud he had with Drake to Promote her song

Ariana Grande has apologised to Kanye West for her ‘insensitive’ tweet, after he slammed the singer for making ‘a joke’ out of his mental health.

In a slew of tweets the 25-year-old American singer admitted she regretted her comments to Kanye, as she also told fans she ‘hated the internet’ and that they should ‘stop weaponising mental health.’

This comes after Kanye furiously slammed Ariana for wading into his recent feud with Canadian superstar Drake, as a way to promote her new single Thank U, Next.

In the reply to Kanya, Ariana said: ‘With all due respect, I don’t need to use anyone to promote anything. period.

‘I was making a comment about what men were doing at the time vs. women. It was a joke which i understand now was probably insensitive.

‘I apologise if I was in any way triggering and hope u feel well today.’

In a later tweet she added that: ‘for potentially triggering him? nah regardless of how I feel about a situation, I can also care about their mental health.’

She then added: ‘Anyway I hate the internet so much. Sending love. but like bye.

‘Last thing. stop weaponising mental health. everyone.’

The star’s response came after Kanye furiously fired back at Ariana for weighing in on his feud with Drake.

The rapper, 41, who has been locked in an epic war of words with the Canadian on Twitter, took to his social media platform on Saturday to accuse the Thank U, Next songstress, of wading in to the argument to promote her new single.

Kanye also blasted Grande for making ‘a joke out of mental health’ – claiming: ‘No one would ever choose to end up in a mental hospital and diagnosed with a mental disorder but god chose me to publicly go through this journey.’

Retweeting Ariana’s original post on the matter, Kanye wrote: ‘I know Ariana said this to be cool and didn’t mean no harm but I don’t like even slightest level of slight commentary from someone I know loves and respects me.’

‘People will no longer take mental health for a joke.’

‘Drake verbally attacked Cudi when he was in the hospital and went at me after TMZ because I decided to release albums in June Is snowballed and he refused to meet with me but texted my mother in law and did sneak disses on peoples records that I consider family.’

‘All of this foolishness weighed on my mental health so @ArianaGrande you know I got love for you but until you’re ready to really make sure everyone’s ok don’t use me or this moment to promote a song.’

‘No one would ever choose to end up in a mental hospital and diagnosed with a mental disorder but god chose me to publicly go through this journey and it is beautiful.’

‘I am able to experience first hand how people who have mental health issues get written off by society. Don’t listen to him cause he’s crazy. He’s washed cause he’s crazy etc…’

‘I don’t blame people for not knowing how to handle this that said we as a society will learn together.’

‘It reminds me of when I said stop hip hop homophobia It used to be ok for rappers to bash gay people just listen to certain rap records from the 90s and early 2000s.’

‘It’s like when you see a tv show from the 60s and it’s super racist and sexist. We’re all growing together.’

‘Drake and Trav both love Ye more than anyone and I love those guys back. We love everyone.’

‘We love. We as a society are taking control of our consciousness and raising it together.’

Kanye continued to voice his opinion, as he stated: ‘People try to ‘handle you when they think you have a mental problem.’

‘I’ve been trying to do a serious interview speaking on mental health but it seems as though all members of press are afraid to speak to someone who has been diagnosed but is still everyone’s favorite super hero.’

‘People said my career was over after TMZ I need to show the world that we so called crazy people will not be just written off.’

‘You have to see and feel how happy I am and how strong my family is. We are even stronger because of this through the love and grace of god.’

I need to speak about how Chance demanding that we record in Chicago reconnected me with my roots and also my faith in Jesus Christ.’

‘Man makes plans and god laughs. Perhaps we stop looking at my tweets as rants and start looking at them as therapy testimonials and some even ministry.’

‘God has given me this voice for a reason.’