Grammy Award nominee, Seun Anikulapokuti, has taken a bold step to ask Prof. Pat Utomi critical questions about Nigerian economy.

Speaking in response to Seun Kuti’s (the host) question Silverbird’s Television’s programme, tagged: ‘’Off The Record’’ In response, Prof. Pat. Okedinachi Utomi responded, quoting from JK Rawling’s Harry Potter’s Series saying, ‘’Life is about choice and we are the choices we make’’.

Stating further, Prof, Utomi gave a proverb (using Nigeria as an example) saying that, ‘’One road does not lead to the market’’, emphasizing with a question that, if one chooses to go through a path, such person needs discipline to scale through.

The management expert revealed that, discipline is the problem of Nigeria and it does not have the discipline to follow through in the choices it makes.

On other problems with Nigeria the political economist revealed that, the problem of Nigeria centers around oil, British interest, Civil war and the Nigerian military.

Talking critically about Nigeria’s economy, Prof, Utomi said, Nigeria went through the madness of having so much money which gave rise to the popular saying that Nigeria has money but do not know how to spend it.

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