The trend about money going ahead before music and music going ahead before money will always be a debate anytime.

Such topic will always spur up reminders like, an artist who has all the money without talent will get better with money; and an artist who does not have money but talent, believing his talent will give him money one day, in a case whereby he keeps doing the right thing.

Still talking about money in the music industry, famous radio presenter and concerned music enthusiast, Douglas Wokocha Jekins, said it is unhealthy for the music industry when money is being collected from artists.

Speaking as a guest on the programme Today on STV, the initiator of PGM, meaning ‘Pushing Good Music’ revealed that, PGM is a club of good music lovers and enthusiasts, where people come together and explore new sounds and exchange it amongst themselves using the radio show as a platform.

Douglas who currently hosts the Night Show, which is aimed at pushing traffic to good music on Beat FM, from Monday – Friday 9pm – 1am also said him and his team seek good music from unknown artists who may not be able to promote themselves, and put them on the spotlight.

Talking about the quality of music the producer and compere also said he prides in the fact that his taste in music is unbiased, irrespective of the fact that the person is a friend of his or not.

On the area of PGM being a label, Douglas stated that what they do is like a 360 support but they are not a label, stressing that some artists have actually approached PGM to sign them.

Speaking further in the area of artists awareness, Douglas said, one of the building blocks they are trying to lay is to make the community understand that there are varieties of sounds that exists within their neighbourhood.

In his closing words, Douglas appreciated Nigerian music, making reference to Wizkid’s ‘Fever’ video, emphasizing that he loves the song, and both Wizkid and Tiwa Salvage look amazing in the video

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