The notion that most Nigerian artists and entertainers only know how to sing and entertain is fast fading away.

Amongst some behind the scene information is the fact that Nigerian artists are really doing a lot when it comes to the business aspect of what they do.

Fast rising Nigerian artist, Mr. Eazi has made the list of those Nigerian artists that do not only concentrate on musical career but the business side of it.

While speaking as a guest on programme Entertainment Weekly, Mr. Eazi said African music is very lucrative.

Speaking further, the “Banku” master also admitted that he is into business and has business personnel working with him and for him.

Mr. Eazi who recently released his latest single said he has hired more hands for his business to move ahead.

Talking about Music business, Mr. Eazi said tips like: having a good team, learning and asking questions are important tips to be considered.

Considering a combination of business and the time to concentrate, Mr. Eazi said, it is crazy, but he had to hire more hands because of the bulk of work he has gotten from African, Scandinavia and America.

The young artist’s single, “Keys to the city” (Ogede) is a video centered on the  current political situation in Nigeria; which reflects the African mentality and political structure which also encourages Nigerians not to sell their votes in the next election period.

The artists whose music is loved by most Nigerians, also revealed that he has been working all through and his music business has made him and his team, tour lagos, London, Accra; with a focus on the UK, establishing fans in all these countries.

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