Despite the record and publicity the English version of the movie industry in Nigeria has gotten, the Yoruba movie industry is fast gaining momentum.

One man that has played his role and payed his dues to make this fact a reality is Mr. Yomi Fabiyi.

Renowned Yoruba movie producer and actor Yomi Fabiyi said the movie ‘’Metomi’’, gave him all the things he merited in the movie industry.

Speaking as a guest on the programme ”Today on STV”, Mr. Fabiyi also said, he won the best actor and his movie ’’Metomi ’’ was the best movie in the Yoruba Music and Movie Award, all in 2016.

On his journey in the movie industry, he said that, in most cases, beginners do not always have direction stressing that, no matter the talent one has, it is important to have mentorship.

Mr, Fabiyi revealed that he started in Somolu where he used to entertain people in a small restaurant; then the owner of the restaurant encouraged him to go and join other actors.

Stating further, Mr. Fabiyi said he went ahead and met someone that directed him to Babatunde Omidinna popularly called Baba Suwe, who finally endorsed him.

Mr Fabiyi encouraged potential actors and actresses to wait for such people, especially when they  have the talent, stressing that some people are blessed.

On the issue of competition, Mr. Fabiyi said, he not in competition with anybody, but more particular about himself and want to be better off than he is now.

He stated further that, the only competitor he has is himself, which is the reason  he puts his audience into serious consideration when he produces his movies.

Laying emphasis on the level of improvement in the film industry, Mr. Fabiyi said, there is a significant growth on the part of filmmakers and there is still room for lots of development whether in the VHS era or his era, stressing that they are trying to move with the trend.

On the issue of Government participation in the film industry, Mr. Fabiyi said the level of education in Nigeria is very low, and government participation in film making and lucrative business is nothing to write home about.