Nigerian entertainer, Alex Osho has shared his views about entertainment in tourism.

While, speaking on ”Silverbird Today”, Osho explained his dynamic view about entertainment, which involves adding tourism to his entertainment career.

The prolific entertainer who has a mixed background, (partly Edo and Ogun state) also stressed that entertainment needs to move beyond the shores of Nigeria.

On his exploits in the entertainment industry, Osho has achieved the feat of having one of the biggest events called “Alex Osho” at Freedom Park, while the idea came when he realised that entertainment in Nigeria needed to move to other parts of Africa like Ghana, Tanzania and other African countries.

Meanwhile, the idea was also borne from his experience in Ghana while schooling in the West African country. He gave hailed his mum because she ensured she went to Ghana to school.

Interestingly, he admitted that his sojourn to Ghana gave him the opportunity to mingle with people from other countries and his experiences from his journey outside Nigeria, was part of the reason he delved into the idea of merging entertainment with tourism.

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