As school resumes in the US, at least six teachers have died from coronavirus complications.

According to reports from Evening Standard, after reopening of schools in August, it was discovered that some teachers contracted the deadly virus.

The need for resumption of schools has been a topic of discussion since the easing of lockdown started.

This development actually triggered Donald Trump has repeatedly pushed for schools to reopen across the country.

President Trump has also threatened to divert federal funding away from educational establishments if they did not get children back into classrooms.

In his quest to convince the people to see the need for resumption, the US president cited research which shows children “often have only mild symptoms and medical complications are incredibly rare – very, very, very rare”.

Meanwhile, since schools started to reopen in early August, reports show at least six teachers in five states have died after contracting the virus.

Among those who have died are: a football coach and two special education teachers.