As the ease of lockdown continues in England, full class sizes for primary and secondary schools will also return in September.

According to BBC, this development which will be five days a week has been confirmed by the education secretary.

On the shedudule how schools will run after resuming, Gavin Williamson made comments on BBC.

He said, existing class bubbles of 15 would be expanded to 30 once schools return in September.

Meanwhile, sharing his thoughts on how it will work, Williamson disclosed that it would be “more complex within secondary schools”.

Considering social distancing, the education secretary revealed that there would be a “different approach” within schools to the approach taken in pubs or retail settings.

He also said, the government’s full plan would be set out later this week,

  Stressing that, the approach would be “really careful, really cautious”.

Speaking further, Williamson told LBC Radio that parents could be fined if they did not send their children back to school in September.

In his words, “It is going to be compulsory for children to return back to school unless there’s a very good reason, or a local spike where there have had to be local lockdowns.”