President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki has called on the Federal Government to invest more on children as Nigeria joins the rest of the world to celebrate Children’s Day.

He said, “This is  a day to rededicate ourselves to the course of children. It is a day to recommit ourselves to doing all in our power to ensure that children are protected and empowered to aspire to be great in life, and to remove all impediments in their way. “Children are the leaders of tomorrow, our hope for the future.

They are the ones we are depending on to take Nigeria to greater heights in the future. We must therefore ensure their health and well being through the laws we make and the policies we set. “I therefore call on us all to do our best to ensure that our children can live in liberty and in truth. No Nigerian child should go to bed hungry.

Due attention must be paid to the health of the Nigerian child. This should be part of our vision to ‘Make Nigeria Stronger’. We must invest in the people by first investing in the Nigerian child.”