Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has urgied all Nigerians to shelve ethnic and religious cleavages and embrace love in dealing with each other
The vice president celebrated Easter Sunday at the Villa Chapel Abuja where he challenged Nigerians to commit to supporting each other regardless of their differences
Also President of the Senate ,Bukola Saraki is asking  Nigerians to have confidence in the All Progressives Congress-led government  assuring  that government was working hard to overcome the current challenges facing the nation. 

In his Easter message the lawmaker said, “my message is for us to live in peace and unity. I know that we will continue to make sacrifice, and we should be hopeful that the country will get better.”  

He asked Nigerians to  stay focused and determined and never give up .   

A cleric of the Methodist Church of Nigeria, Isaac Ayobami has charged Nigerians to exhibit genuine sacrifice of God’s divine endowment for one another and the nation for a secured and improved economy.
Monsignor Gabriel Osu of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos and Isaac Idahosa of Illumination Church urged  Nigerians and the government to make some sacrifice, engender selflessness and compassion.
They remarked that in this trying period in the life of the nation, it is important that  both the leaders and the followers emphasise and uphold the unity of the country.