Digital content creation and distribution has become a tool, that does not only benefit  youths for engagement, but also for talent discovery .

The You Tube week kicked off with a performance by Daniel Oyebanjo known as Dbanj who has excelled as a recording artiste, performing artistes and talent scout with his crew.

The Award-winning artiste, D’banj is set to launch a reality show ‘Adventures of a Kokomaster’ on YouTube.

According to E-Weekly, D’banj, who is also known as the ‘Kokomaster’, announced the upcoming show on his Instagram page @iambangalee on Wednesday.

He said, “Adventures of the Kokomaster” launches on YouTube on August 2019. Who wants to feature in it? Subscribe to my YouTube Channel.”

Entertainment Weekly also reports, that the show comes after he was hosted and honoured by YouTube with a silver plaque to mark his 100,000 subscribers on the platform.

D’banj revealed some tips and tricks behind his impact in various sectors of the Nigerian economy through his multiple award-winning music career.

Other guests at the event also applauded the positive gestures by You Tube and the prospects ahead of the new development.

Look below for the video