Drug abuse and addiction are  crucial issues that should be taken seriously.

The bad health condition sometimes want to stay alone as a topic; but when manifestations continue, addiction comes to the fore because of the pattern of repeated drug or alcohol use that often interferes with health, work or social relationships.

Suicide on the other hand, which is known as is the deliberate ending of one’s own life through one’s individual actions, in most cases comes as an aftermath of the actions.

Drug abuse and addiction stated earlier as crucial topics, has given rise to the need for it to be treated and examined by experts on the fast rising programme, ‘’Today On STV’’

Speaking as guests on the programme, Valerian N. Nwadike said, the root cause of the menace should be the key aspect of the menace, emphasizing that government should intervene in the issue.

The Legal practitioner stated that the substance has been given a legal name referred to as New Psychoactive Substances and it is also getting legal hype.

Valerian’s view emerged from the angle of people buying the drugs, and having the feeling that they are doing things within their legal rights.

Tobi Abodunrin, a media personality revealed that people always think depression leads to suicide; stressing that if drugs are not taken in the right proportion, it is a root to suicide.

Speaking Further, the convener, ‘’Work Against Suicide’’ also said, some people take drugs ignorantly, thinking it will help them rest or sleep; not knowing they are attracting addiction and suicide .

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