Popular music producer and CEO of Mavin records, Don Jazzy has shared his childhood experience from Ajegunle and Egbeda where he grew up.

He said he sold Akara (bean cakes) for his mother while growing up in Ajegunle.

The entrepreneur who also claimed he helped his father do some farm work revealed this while making comments about his childhood experience during an Interview with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu.

In the interview, DonJazzy disclosed a brief history of how his journey into music began, attributing it to the Church; stressing that his love for music grew in the church where he always played.

The singer and songwriter whose father left banking to become an artiste manager also said at the age of 11, they moved to Egbeda.

The philanthropist while speaking, said, “My growing up was amazing, beautiful. I grew up in two places, Ajegunle and Egbeda. First, Ajegunle, I was born in Ajegunle. I moved to Egbeda when I was about 11 years old.

“My memories of Ajegunle include four or five things. School, which was primary school; come back home, follow my dad to the farm, which was at the back of the house, then come back in the night, join my mum who sells Akara in the front of the house. Then in the morning my brother and I will walk to go and carry Agidi.

“We used to go and carry it from the woman that my mother ordered it from. They used to make it early in the morning; so, it is hot and still like pap. We will bring it back home before it turns to Agidi (like Eko) then we go to school.

“So, it was school, church, farm, and music.”

“I will call it church not music because I went to church and I loved playing music. My dad, once upon a time, was a banker. At a point, he decided he did not want to do banking anymore so he became an artiste manager.

“He had an artiste named Dirty Dusty. They used to go to studio and try out things. They did not really ‘blow blow’ like that, but my dad is someone that in any organization he is in, they make him the leader because he is very outspoken and intelligent. He reads a lot.

“So, from the bank, before the artiste manage thing bloomed a little bit, there was farming in between,” he said.