The need to be versatile and dynamic in various areas of interest and endeavors is practically reflecting in this generation.

This fact has kept most people in various sectors, especially the skills acquisition, business and creative industries on their toes.

Renowned Disc Jockey Jimmy Jatt has called on youths to have other vocations in order for them to have something to fall back on .

Speaking to Silverbird Television ‘E Weekly’ correspondent; Jimmy Jatt stressed that, it is always good to have a back-up experience which should be gotten from other areas, apart from the academic knowledge.

Stressing on the topic, other people who were at the event, affirmed that doing business, which they termed as entrepreneurship is the best.

Another participant at the event said the trend at the moment is acquiring entrepreneurship skills, emphasizing that being an entrepreneur; one has to learn some skills.

The fun aspect of the event was anchored by a fashion house that organised a celebrity fashion match, as the participants said it was interesting.

The organiser of the event, who is also a fashion expert Kelechi Ogene, said they have done a lot of works and projects, mentioning amongst them the ‘ready to wear’ and ‘Bridals’ project.

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