A local digital marketing expert recounted how amid the fuel shortages in the country, he was tempted to leave Nigeria, ironically the continent's leading producer of crude oil.

"I almost accepted an offer to leave Nigeria after analysing the situation of the country. No electricity, No petrol to power generator or fuel the car," said Timothy Anietie, the digital marketing consultant said from Lagos.

His frustration came as Nigeria experienced yet another series of fuel shortages.

"So much frustration. I almost got slapped. A filling station attendant embarrassed me two days ago with my money, as if I was begging him for fuel," he lamented.

Nonetheless, Anietie is defiant in the face of the crippling fuel shortages in Africa's biggest economy.

"Something kept me back from the offer to leave the country. Opportunity in disguise. This is when these business owners need help from us. Digital Marketing Business is the real deal now."

Nigeria, the continent's biggest producer of crude oil, and Africa's largest economy, is battling a shortage of fuel in the markets.

The petrol shortage is said to have resurfaced as a result of the refusal of independent oil marketers to load fuel.

The independent marketers are said to have stopped loading the product because the Federal Government overlooked them in the recent payment of subsidy arrears.

Critics argued the major authorities responsible for regulating the downstream petroleum sector such as the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) and Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA), have failed to take any significant steps toward addressing the crisis. 

– CAJ News