Fashion expert, Michelle Ellah said she has been designing outfits since she was 13 years old.

Speaking as a guest on the programme ‘’Today On STV’’, the fashion enthusiast said, her whole essence of making clothes is for the person putting it on to be comfortable and the experience should be flawless.

On colours, she said she does a mix of colours, and expects anyone who walks around with her clothes to be free and look vibrant in the colours used for the dress.

To stand out of the crowd and remain dynamic in her job, Ellah stated that she study every night, follow the trend on her social media platforms and other platforms to get information


The fashion designer also revealed that, coupled with the fact that there are celebrities who follow her, the most surprising thing is that some people she does not know at all, follow her on her social media platforms.

For elaborate understanding and visuals of Ellah’s outfits, the fashion expert brought some models to the Silverbird Television studio.

The models displayed in different dresses even with the Rwanda dress; which according to Ellah, is her favourite, which she expects everyone to have it.

Look below for the video