Two debaters, Chief Sunday Odutan and Barrister Uche Onu, have both appeared as guests on Silverbird Television programme ‘’The Debate’’ to share their views on the topic: Electricity Tariff Hike, To Whose Interest?

The anchor  Mr Kayode Ladeinde set the ball rolling by introducing the guests, audience, and asking the debaters questions on the topic.

The debaters while speaking, argued for and against, on the topic; sharing their views to the audience who also contributed to the topic, with facts and figures.

Chief Sunday Odutan a DISCOS executive who spoke on behalf of the electricity body in Nigeria said there are some factors that have led to the electricity tariff hike.

He went ahead to highlight the factors and who to blame. When highlighting the factors, he stated that, the federal government is to be blamed because they know the truth but will not say it.

He also said the issue of metering is an issue of the federal government of Nigeria and most government agencies do not pay bills. He also said waste to power costs more than hydro.

Speaking further, he blamed the consumer, talked about the Nigerian factor and disclosed that, there is problem of corruption in the system emphasizing that, if a consumer does not give bribe, staff of the company will not collect bribes.

He also talked about the problems confronting DISCOS; stressing that, every DISCOS has an amount it can spend, emphasizing that the problem is about Naira and kobo.

Barrister  Onu who spoke on behalf of the consumers on the other hand, disagreed with Chief Sunday Odutan’s claims, and was against his views on the topic. In response, Barrister Onu said, a contract was signed by the DISCOS. He stressed that; they would have studied the terrain first to avoid all the complaint that came up.

Barrister Onu speaking further stressed that, anything people do that is not in conformity with the law is not accepted. Onu a consumer advocacy rights representative said they try to do their best to make sure the body fight for the rights of the masses, stressing that they do more of advocacy for the masses.

Apart from the guests/debaters, the audience, which were some students from Unilag and other universities, were made reasonable contributions. They also asked the guests questions that bothers them as representatives of society and consumers of electricity.

For subsequent interesting discourse of the programme ”The Debate”, tune in to Silverbird Television this  Saturday, 1pm and a repeat broadcast on Sunday 12pm.