The first baby mama of Davido, Sophia Momodu, has notified critics against trolling her in 2022.

This development occurred after rumours broke out that she had an altercation with Amanda, Davido’s second baby mama, during their stay with the singer in Ghana.

The issue which went viral on instagram made her emotional to the extent of crying while accusing bloggers of spoiling her name. She also said she will speak up for herself to avoid being questioned by her daughter, Imade, in the future.

As if it was not enough, the entrepreneur also called out a blogger for cooking up stories against her, in a series of Instagram story posts.

She wrote, “I just want to be left alone to live my life, mind my business and enjoy! I will never take out anything from your drama out on the kids. They are innocent. Leave me alone.

“It’s been six years of bashing Sophia. Enough is enough. 2022 I will not be silent.”

Meanwhile, Sophia noted that she made her daughter meet with her half-sister, Hailey, out of love.

She also said, “I made sure that my daughter and her sister saw each other after two years out of nothing but love! I do not regret it and I will never let you people’s hate affect the kids.”

“Nobody wanted to make this girls’ ticket possible. I fought and insisted, and what I get on return is one dirty blogger spewing lies and fake gist?

“Enough is enough! 2022 you all are not dragging me for free anymore.” she said,  In her concluding words.