The suspension public gatherings and closure of schools has taken effect in Uganda as the country experiences a surge of infections in a second Covid-19 wave.

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni who gave an order that schools in the country should be shut down also enforced the suspension of public gatherings.

The development also affects the transport sector as public transport between districts will be banned from Thursday to allow students who are in schools to return home.

The ban has also affected businesses like bars, cinemas and theatres, which has prompted their closure.

The suspension of schools and gatherings takes effect from Monday and will be in place for 42 days.

One major cause of the closure of a handful of schools is the discovery of multiple cases of the virus reported among staff and students.

The health ministry, which has been sensitive in this regard reacted swiftly discovered the highest number of infections recorded in a single day and announced 1,259 new coronavirus cases and nine deaths on Sunday. Hours after these occurrences, the ban was announced.

Meanwhile, two weeks ago, a rise in coronavirus cases was reported and officials mulled over a lockdown to prevent health facilities from being overwhelmed.

On casualties and cases of the virus, Uganda has recorded 52,929 cases and 374 deaths.