Oxygen are currently not available in at least six private hospitals in the Indian capital, New Delhi as at Thursday.

The city’s deputy chief minister, Manish Sisodia disclosed this development in a letter to the union health minister on Thursday, CNN reports.

Delhi’s advocate informed the Delhi high court on Thursday that the supplies had still not reached the capital, despite the allocation of 480 metric tonnes of oxygen for the capital on Wednesday, by the central government.

Sisodia has reacted to the situation in a letter to union health minister Harsh Vardhan on Thursday. He said:

“Police and senior officials of administration in Uttar Pradesh and Haryana are taking oxygen tankers intended for other states into their custody due to which the oxygen allocated by the central government is unable to reach Delhi,”

So far, various measures have been carried out to savage the situation. One of the drastic measures is the order that has been given by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The ministry issued an order asking states to not restrict the movement of medical oxygen while the high court also asked for a special corridor to be created for the movement of oxygen.

So far on casualties and cases, the Delhi Health Department’s evening bulletin disclosed that Delhi recorded 306 deaths from Covid-19 on Thursday while cases have surged to a total of 956,348 and 13,193 deaths.