The quest to get protection from Covid-19 without the need for an injection, has made owners of the Los Angeles Lakers to embark on a research for the development of an oral vaccine.

The surge of the deadly Covid-19 and the controversies surrounding the vaccine has obviously triggered the need for capsules, which the researchers think will be better than the vaccines available at the moment.

Currently, researchers at the Chan Soon-Shiong Research Institute in El Segundo are carrying out a test whether a series of capsules might work as well as, CBS Los Angeles reports.

In regards to this development, Dr. Tara Seery, a trial physician, has made some comments. He said, “To have a vaccine that’s room temperature that could be a pill is life-changing,”

Still on the best vaccine option, researchers are still testing four different approaches. The recent attempt is the oral vaccine, which is part of an experimental protocol being tested in healthy volunteers.

But, something is not yet clear: scientists still don’t know if pills alone can prevent transmission.