President of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa said his country received its first batch of Covid vaccines, on Monday.

Mnangagwa made the development public on twitter. He tweeted, We start vaccinating Zimbabweans this week! “The first batch of vaccines for Zimbabwe has been successfully delivered.

“The faster our country is protected against this virus, the faster Zimbabwe’s economy can flourish,”

On the effect of the deadly virus in one of the landlocked countries in Southern Africa, four government ministers have so far died of coronavirus in Zinbabwe, prompting the country to further tighten lockdown measures.

Sources disclosed that, several other cabinet ministers are fighting for their lives in a private hospital.

In reaction to the situation, deputy health minister John Mangwiro has made comments. He said, “We are in a dark cloud that we have to clear very soon,”

Speaking further, Mangwiro revealed plans to intensify the current lockdown, which has been in place since early January and includes a strict nightly curfew.

At the moment, restaurants, bars, and gyms have also been forced to close.

Since the start of the pandemic, Zimbabwe has registered over 30,500 cases of the lethal infection while,  more than 960 casualties have been confirmed.