A strict three-day lockdown has been imposed in Italy to prevent a surge in Covid-19 cases over Easter.

With about 20,000 new cases a day, restrictions in the country has been taken seriously, since all regions are now in the “red zone”  as the country battles a third wave of the deadly pandemic.

The restriction has not affected the some conventional activities sharing of an Easter meal at home with two other adults during the period, but Non-essential movement is banned.

On Church services, worship centres are open are but worshippers are told  to attend services within their own regions.

The changes which has occurred as a result of the surge in the virus, has prompted Pope Francis to deliver his Easter message to an empty St Peter’s Square, for the second year.

Until the end of the month, different regions will remain in either “orange zone” or “red zone” restrictions following the holiday weekend.

As countries across Europe try to control a surge in cases of the virus, the roll out of vaccines ought to have salvage the situation, but there has been controversies surrounding its use and the desired results expected from people were given the jab.

On casualties and cases, more than 110,328 people in total have died of the coronavirus in Italy, and there have been 3.6 million confirmed infections.