The “widespread” transmission of the new coronavirus in war-torn Syria, has become the concern of United Nations.

The real issues are are not far from healthcare facilities which are under increasing pressure, coupled with limited testing, which is obscuring the real extent of the pandemic, Ajazeera reports.

So far on the cases of COVID-19 in Syria, nearly 2,500 have been reported including 98 deaths.

The UN’s deputy emergency relief coordinator, Ramesh Rajasingham, disclosed that reports of healthcare facilities filling up and increasing death notices and burials appear to indicate the actual number of cases in the country “far exceed official figures” confirmed by the government.

Speaking to the UN Security Council (UNSC) on Thursday Rajasingham said,  “rising patient numbers are adding pressure to the fragile health system” in Syria, now in its 10th year of war.

Meanwhile, “the majority cannot be traced to a known source” Rajasingham said, while talking about the virus cases confirmed by the Syrian health ministry.

On health workers, it was also reported that they still lack sufficient personal protective equipment and several facilities have suspended operations because of a lack of capacity and staff falling ill from COVID-19.