The Covid-19 crisis in India is now in its worse state after shortages of oxygen started in Hospitals in Delhi.

The shortage in supply of oxygen in prominent hospital has led to the death of at least 12 patients, including a doctor, on Saturday.

The state of the situation has led to a situation where by families of patients who can’t find beds are struggling to get hold of portable cylinders, outside hospitals. To make matters worse, they sometimes stand in queues for up to 12 hours.

The main issue which is the shortage of oxygen supply, has led to a situation whereby several big hospitals in Delhi are having no option than to rely on daily oxygen supplies which  they are not getting; not talk of keeping some as backup in case of emergency.

“Once you’ve used up your main tank, there is nothing to fall back on”, a doctor said, while reacting to the situation which he termed as frightening.

In small hospitals that don’t have storage tanks and have to rely on big cylinders, the situation is worse.

On cases and casualties so far, Delhi alone reported more than 25,000 new infections and 412 deaths on Sunday.