A hard five-day lockdown has been announced by German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday as Easter approaches.

This development has occurred while the country is going through a consistent rise in new coronavirus infections.

The normal Easter activities in the country won’t take place due to the lockdown. From April 1 to 5, shops will be closed over during Easter. Other businesses like grocery stores would be allowed to open for one day only, on Saturday, April 3.

Merkel said, the country’s general lockdown measures will also be extended until April 18. Meanwhile, Germans have been living under various levels of restrictions since mid-December.

The effect of the deadly virus has been prevalent in the country. Casualties and cases have been recorded since the inception of the virus. The country’s public health authority on Tuesday reported 7,485 new infections and 250 deaths over a 24-hour period.

More than 108 people in every 100,000 are now getting infected every week while the daily infection number is 2,000 cases, which is higher than it was a week ago.

Merkel has reacted to the situation. She said in the early hours of the morning after marathon negotiations with state leaders overnight in Berlin.

In her words, “We know that the current emergency measures will not be sufficient to stop the exponential growth,”

“That’s why the 1st of April, Maundy Thursday, and the 3rd of April will be declared rest days this year with expanded contact restrictions and a ban on gatherings from the first to the fifth of April. That means expanded closures over Easter. For five days in a row the principle is: we will stay at home.”

Covid-19 casualties that have been recorded in Germany since the pandemic began are 74,000 and Merkel has said the country is experiencing a third wave of infections.