Many countries are coming to the aid of India to help address the devastating second wave of Covid-19 crisis that is killing thousands each day in the country.

At the moment, pledges of aid in form of medical supplies are being made so fast from various countries, including Britain and the United States.

There has been a rapid spread of the virus in the second wave, with India recording more than a million new cases in just three days.

The most disastrous of moment of all the events occurred when medical facilities in the hospitals suddenly became scarce, including Oxygen and ICU beds, while patients were left outside hospitals waiting for care.

On deaths and cases recorded, India marked the world’s highest daily caseload for the fifth straight day, on Monday, after having 352,991 new cases and 2,812 virus-related casualties.

On restriction, the situation has gone beyond the normal social distancing and others. Rather, lockdown has been imposed until May 3 in the capital New Delhi.

According to Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, there is a serious shortage of oxygen, even as Delhi does not produce its own oxygen and relies on resources supplied by the central government.