The issue of migration is gradually getting to a talking point as Europe’s vaccine rollout is creeping forward.

A debate might come up on how to handle migrants when the continent’s borders reopens.

According to CNN, Populist Euroskeptic Nigel Farage, whom many credit with making Brexit happen, last weekend, tweeted about a “Covid crisis in Dover,” baselessly claiming that a boat carrying migrants had landed in southeast England, “with 12 on board and they all tested positive for the virus.”

In reaction to the development, the UK government have taken the unusual step of directly responding to Farage’s tweet, with the Home Office replying: “This is incorrect. None of these 12 people tested positive for Covid-19. All adults who arrived today have been tested for Covid-19.”

Farage’s original tweet has also attracted the attention of Free social networking platform Twitter. The platform has also gone beyond reacting to remove the British Politician’s original tweet, for violating the site’s rules.

CNN asked Farage to comment on the matter, but he declined to respond.