As the United States begins to reopen its economy in the midst of COVI-19 pandemic, debates are also going on around the world about the political future of the country.

The lockdown and the consequent loss of jobs with over 3.2 million laid-off workers topped the debate, tagged “Countdown to the White House” on the Silverbird Television on Thursday.

There were divergent views among the analysts, Professor of Political Economy, Pat Utomi , the Publisher of Business Day, Frank Aigbogun and the special guest, Dr. Christopher Metzler  who spoke via skype from his base in the US.

Metzler is a political pundit, a government strategist, a global thought leader, a legal scholar, and a serial entrepreneur. He is also a seasoned conservative political operative who does not only believe in the work of President Donald Trump but very confident that he will be re-elected in November.

Roughly 33.5 million people have now filed for jobless aid in the seven weeks since the coronavirus began forcing millions of companies to close their doors and slash their workforces.

To Utomi and Aigbgun, the reelection of Trump will be determined largely by how he is able to manage the pandemic and rejig the economy of the country. Utomi dwelled more on the condition of the African American whom, according to him are suffering more during this pandemic , adding that this a big issue the republican party has failed to address in both its economic and health policies.

The political economist posited that a great number of those that were affected by the pandemic are African Americans as he accused Trump’s government of disparity between the whites and blacks in its battle against COVID-19.  “The Problem of inequality is very visible in this pandemic,” he said.

Utomi noted that most of the African American are poor and lack access to quality health facility, which to him may decide the outcome of the US presidential poll in November.

Perhaps that was why Trump pulled out from the funding of the World Health Organisation, Aigbogun said but Metzler disagreed, adding that the US government under Trump is regularly funding the fight against the pandemic.

“However, the idea of not funding or funding the WHO becomes the role of the congress or otherwise,” Metzler explained.

On why it has become a culture during election year for politicians to dig out allegation of Sexual harassment of aspirants, which Utomi described as ridiculous and time wasting, Metzler posited that though the case might look frivolous, there is nothing wrong that such issues, which could not be won in the law court are brought to the public court during election period.

Aigbbogun is worried that President Trump could call Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari on phone and promised to send ventilator, despite the numerous assaults on Nigerians with the US immigration policy.


“I do not believe that is the issue. The question of immigration has not been comprehensively discussed. The Republican has a tradition of engaging Africa.. The Republican National Committee does not have any issue with Africa but it is always based on the value that the partnership will bring. Issues of trade, we have listening and opening ears to discuss this.

Every President comes with a different style to get things done. In my view Trump has been doing an excellent job. It’s clear that the President is going to be re-elected. The pandemic and the economic, he is working to resolve it,” Metzler said.

What is the difference between Democrat and Republic, Utomi had asked as he likened both to be two truths. “Democrats are trying to change the culture but Republicans do not want that.  And for the fact that culture is dynamic, the position of the democrat should not cause any pain for the republican.

But to Metzler, America is not a socialist country. “They are Republican and they are conservative. Adaptation to new culture must continue on basic American Values. We cannot have open borders to everyone, it is at a cost to American tax payers. We will not adapt in the way that will destroy American culture and cause economic catastrophe,” he said.