Japan tourism company, Kamome is facing 20,000 cancellations as a result of the fast rising coronavirus outbreak.

As part of the drastic measures implored to stop the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus, China has announced a ban on outbound group travel on Sunday.

According to CNN, the process and urgency involved in curbing the menace, has increased the rate at which phone calls come in at Kamome, a Tokyo-based travel agency that specializes in tours for Chinese travellers.

According to sources, the Coronavirus  has killed 82 people and infected 2,700 in the country.

The situation at Kamome also reveals that there is cancellation mayhem for staff as more than 20,000 of the company’s Chinese package tour customers pulled the plug on all trips to Japan up to February 10.

On Japan’s tourism industry and economy, there are speculations that the travel ban will have an adverse effect as the statistics reveals that, Japan receiving approximately 9.6 million visitors from China in 2019, accounts for a third of foreign tourist expenditure in the country.

Speaking to CNN, Shiho Himuro said,  “We are concerned about the decrease in Chinese tourists, but we cannot foresee the outcome as it depends on how long the (Chinese) policy lasts,” Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO) spokeswoman.