Former Inter Milan coach Antonio Conte is preparing to grab the managerial job at Tottenham Hotspurs club on Tuesday.

This development occurred after the sacking of former coach Espirito Santo, after being in charge of the club for few months.

Since the Champions League final for Spurs fans, the club has been going through disappointing moments and the results from their recent matches have not been encouraging for the past few months.

Since the announcement of Conte taking over at the club, there have been comments from lots of people, who have being weighing the decision. is unquestionably a superb appointment.

Antonio Conte Cavaliere OMRI is an Italian professional football manager and former player.
Playing as a midfielder, Conte began his career at local club Lecce and later became one of the most decorated and influential players in the history of Juventus.

Conte led the club to a first Serie A title in 11 years.