The government of Colombia proposed tax proposals has made Tens of thousands of protesters storm the streets.

This development was carried out by Colombia’s biggest unions, despite a court order to postpone the strike over concerns of an overstretched health system amid a third wave of coronavirus.

Other affected bodies that took part in the protest are: Teachers, university students, trade unions, Afro-Colombian and Indigenous groups and many others took part in the protests on Wednesday against tax changes put forward by right-wing President Ivan Duque’s government.

In order to reduce or eliminate many tax exemptions, such as those on product sales, to help boost an economy severely affected by COVID-19, the government has proposed an array of new or expanded taxes on citizens and business owners.

The aspect many working- and middle-class people are bothered about is the effect that the new proposals will have on them.

According to Al Jazeera, 36-year-old Spanish language teacher Sol Martinez who reacted to the situation said,  “We’re here to say ‘no’ to the tax reforms,” while holding a sign with the same message written on it. “They’re robbing us poor people, while they give everything to the rich.”