One of the last living icons of the United States civil rights movement of the 1960s, John Lewis has died on Friday at the age of 80.

Lewis who battled with pancreatic cancer before his death was known for organising protests, enduring beatings by white police officers and mobs, and going on to have an outsized role in American politics for 60 years, Aljazeera reports.

Lewis, was also an Alabama sharecropper’s son elected in 1986 as a Democrat from Georgia to the US House of Representatives.

The history of the popular Icon cannot be complete without talking about how  he became a protege of civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr, even as a young man.

Meanwhile, Lewis was the youngest of the so-called Big Six activists who organised the 1963 March on Washington where King gave his iconic I Have A Dream speech.

Another interesting thing he did was that, cut his teeth as a young activist organising sit-ins to integrate lunch counters where Black people were prohibited from sitting just at the age of 18 when he first met King.

He will also be remembered as one of the original “Freedom Riders” who helped integrate segregated buses.