Malawi’s new President, Lazarus Chakwera’s naming of relatives as ministers in his new cabinet has triggered criticism.

According to BBC, an evidence to back this new development is the appointment of the president’s former running mate in the 2019 elections Sidik Mia as minister for transport while his wife Abida Mia is the deputy minister for lands.

Other shocking appointments are: Kenny Kandodo who is the new labour ministerMalawi, President,  while his sister Khumbize Kandodo is the health minister.

Another set of people who appeared on his list are: businessman, Gospel Kazako who also got an appointment as information minister and his sister-in-law Agnes Nkusa Nkhoma is the deputy agriculture minister.

Meanwhile, the likes of lawyer Modercai Msiska, president Chakwera’s previous appointee in the justice ministry, refused to take up the position.

The reason for her refusal was that, it would look like a reward for representing him in court during the case that nullified President Peter Mutharika’s election win.

Interestingly, the president criticised his predecessor for being nepotistic and filling his cabinet with people from his region.

Another criticism of President Chakwera’s cabinet is that it comprises more than 70% of people from the central region which happens to be his political stronghold.