China’s Civil Aviation Administration has confirmed the crashing of China Eastern Airlines jetliner in southern China’s Guangxi region on Monday.

CAAC disclosed in a statement that the Boeing-737 which crashed in the mountains at noon was en route from the southwestern city of Kunming to Guangzhou having 123 passengers onboard and nine crew members, when it lost contact over the city of Wuzhou.

So far, the casualties are unknown, as rescue teams are en route to the accident scene, where there is fire visible on site, Chinese state broadcaster CCTV reports.

Meanwhile, initial state media reports had indicated there were 133 people on board.

Since the incident occurred, it has attracted reactions on social media. There are posts online, shared by state media People’s Daily, showing plumes of smoke billowing from a mountainous, forested area.

Others are clips shows what appears to be wreckage from the plane on a muddy, mountain path.